Cesspit and cesspool services covering Kent and East Sussex


We are a small, reliable company with more than twenty years experience. We cover most of the southeast and we're happy to advise on any problems you may have with your sewage system.

We are registered with the Environment Agency and have a Waste Carriers Licence and we are a recognised and trusted tipper at Southern Water sites and adhere to their regulations in all aspects of sewage waste. We are responsible users and environmentally aware of all aspects of the sewage waste business.

We all always give you advice on your sewage system and how large your tank is and straight forward with our charges. We will always give you an honest and reliable service.

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Cesspool Maintenance

We are experts in maintaining cesspools throughout Kent and East Sussex.

Our company offers a wide range of cesspool maintenance services to avoid any issues with overflow. We adapt every aspect of our service to suit your specific requirements.

Septic Tank Clearance

We can empty your septic tank on a regular basis.

We can empty your septic tank on a regular basis. Any blockages from the house and tank can usually be sucked away by the suction of the tankers we use.

Treatment Plant Maintenance

We can arrange for the emptying and servicing for your Treatment Works.

If you have a treatment works we can empty these and arrange for a service to be undertaken by another reliable company we work in tandem with.

Emergency Blockages

Do you have a blocked pipe emergency in the Kent area?

If you need your system checked out at short notice we work with a network of reliable companies that can look into these problems by putting a camera system down into the pipe work so you can “see” the problem that may be causing the blockage.


From Sheerness to Dungeness, we cover most of Kent and parts of East Sussex.

Call us today on 01233 624017 or email [email protected]


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